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No More excuses

1 on 1 Training

with Hayley Rich

To live a full and happy life you must get one thing right… BALANCE. So stop grabbing breakfast on the go, stop taking your work home with you… find time to exercise and look after yourself. 

Hi all.
If you hadn’t of guessed it by now… Im Hayley. A fully qualified Personal Trainer based in London, UK.
I never thought this is what i would end up doing to make a living but after finally getting motivated myself just a few years ago to change my lifestyle and get healthier, fitter and slimmer, I realised I wanted to help others feel good about themselves. Its not about being perfect… its about feeling better in yourself, and being able to live a happy and balanced lifestyle.

I offer completely non-intimidating one on one personal training sessions where we will set sepcific goals tailored to your needs where we will together ensure you see final results.
This is my passion. I work for myslef to help others become healthier, happier and to manage better lifestyles.
I work with TV personalities, Doctors, Mum’s, Office workers… the list goes on.
Get yourself booked in for a FREE meet and taster session with me.
You wont regret it. See you real soon

Hayley x


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One on one personal sessions


Nutritional help and guidance


24/7 support. Only an email/phone call away.


Non intimidating and friendly service.

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Client Testimonials

For a big guy whom works out often my needs  and training reqiurments differ from others. Hayley still manages to destory me in every session. She will get to know your limits and    push you to ensure you always feel you have    had the most amazing session. 
You want change… Hayley is your girl. 

Tom Powell

TV Personality

I have seen my body change dramatically in the last year. Im not a fan of the gym, especially cardio. Saying that, Hayley is so friendly and makes sessions feel so non intimidating I have managed to keep it going and meet my goals of loosing weight and toning up my legs, bum and tum. 
Thank you Hayley x

Stevie Wilson

Hayley has become a good friend, not just a personal trainer. I have had the mosy amazing expericnece after taking her 8 week course. The changes in my body are sensaional. Im slimmer, toned and feel so much healthier. I cant imagine ever stopping now. Next goal… to run a half marathon.

Olivia Clarke

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